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name: Ryan birthday: June 18, 1988 siblings: erin, the knocked up… - Asi sea la vida

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April 6th, 2004

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02:44 pm
name: Ryan
birthday: June 18, 1988
siblings: erin, the knocked up junkie.
hair color: brown
height: 6'0"
been in love: idk
done drugs: no
eaten an entire box of oreos: no
been on stage: only once... but i'll be back. CENTER STAGE BIAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
been dumped: kind of, but assholes get dumped a lot.
gotten in a car accident: minor ones like idiots rear ending my mom.
dyed your hair: yes
ran around naked in front of people: yes
choked in front of pplz on my own spit or drink: probably
gone to school in your pajamas: no
gotten a detention: two. both with armen. hmm.....
loved someone so much that it made you cry: no.
do you like someone right now: no
do they know: he knows i dont like him anymore
what do you look for in the opposite sex: someone funny and cares about me
do you think you could see yourself marrying this person you like: not unless he changes
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no
who do you see most often: ted.
most annoying friend: if lena is my friend, her, if not, max, because he assaults me a lot.
who's the loudest: again, if lena, definately. if not, um... well, no one. Im very loud, if that counts.
who's the shyest: max?
who are you jealous of: none
who has the best room: ted, because its the biggest.
who do you trust the most: no one is trustworthy.
who`s your bestfriend friend: ted and max and tim and ian and and and...
one you usually miss: max and tim, because i want to jam all the time.
had a serious talk: no
hugged someone: no
missed someone: yes
gotten along with your parents: yeaa
fought with a friend: no
cried: no
felt empty: no
give hugs: to chicks...
give back rubs: to chicks...
take walks in the rain: with chicks...
go to the beach: no
watch tv: yeah
do homework: i like the constructions...
play in the snow: no
stay up all night talking to friends: yeah
work out: no
talk on the phone: no
go online: yeah
kiss: yeah
is most likely to grow up to be a model: max
have known you the longest: ted?
been to a concert: no
been out of state: yeah
gone skinny dipping: yeah
broken a bone: no
cheated on a test: yes
ran a marathon: No
met a famous person: yes, tony hawk, etc...
bought something and then sold it: yes
gotten drunk: yes
stalked someone: i dont remember, but knowing me, probably.
( *LOVE* )
single or taken: single
if u were gonna go out with anyone who would it be: someone i thought is good looking and fun.
have you ever had an online relationship: no
( *EXTRAS* )
what is your worst habit: swearing?
what makes you mad: not doing what i want to, not being a rockstar and famous.
scariest moment: damn... ive had a lot...
(* NOW *)
where are you: in my room
are you wearing any jewlery: no
when was the last time you showered: yesterday
what color pants do you have on right now: boxers with cards on them.
what song are you listening to right now: some music from a cheech and chong movie.
What`s the last thing you said: hah.
what is your computer desk made out of: wood
what was the last thing you ate: onion bread with chicken salad on it.
what would you really want to be doing right now: ROCKING!!!!!!!
if you were a crayon what color would you be: blue
who do u want to spend the rest of your life with: my band and some women.

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Date:April 9th, 2004 02:32 am (UTC)
no. Lena is definitely NOT your friend.

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