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April 4th, 2004

04:23 pm
Well, after tennis, i came home and started looking at yearbooks after i finished reading angels and demons. I was gonna start reading the lone ranger and tonto fist fight in heaven, but then i was like no. do you think ben's gonna give us summer reading? i mean he's not comming back next year... w/e. so yeah, i was looking at yearbooks, and i have no idea what to do for mine. My personality is like a mullet, with a grownout front... all party up front, and party in the back. that kind of didnt make sense... i was gonn say business up front and party in the back, but im a party in the front too. maybe im like a mafia... party up front and business in the back... or maybe a mansion, party everywhere and business in the bathroom. i just dont know. oh i also learned i beleive in a thing called love, because im looking to get academic fair fired up next year. anyone want to sing?
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April 2nd, 2004

08:18 pm
lena, tsk tsk tsk.
well thanks to an unknown source, i have acquired the following post. it was posted behind my back, unlike the convos i have with her. i'll just get everything into the open. along with the pictures i have if anyone's interested. (the only person who would really enjoy them are robie).
Yelena: 1 Ryan: 0
That's right, you bastard. You don't look so tough now.

AceNWinnr182: i found it amusing that you told ian i was mad at you today because you wouldn't let me finger you.
bemywonder: sorry. this is not Yelena
bemywonder: it is her father
AceNWinnr182: umm
bemywonder: What did you do to my daughter?
AceNWinnr182: nada
bemywonder: What?

Guess he's scared.
Who would want Yelena's crazy ass dad, who has a history of running over people, after them? Then i'd have two scary people after me, my dad and her dad. both lethal.
now here is the convo that followed the incident.
AceNWinnr182: you thought i would think your dad was in your room on your computer?

bemywonder: I know you did. so don't give me that

AceNWinnr182: maybe i was covering my ass so if it was, he wouldnt call my dad?

bemywonder: yeah. maybe

bemywonder: in which case, there was a possibility that you thought it was my dad

bemywonder: ryan. it's april fools

AceNWinnr182: and why did you tell ian i was mad at you b/c you wouldnt let me finger you?

bemywonder: cuz you're acting like a bastard to me today

AceNWinnr182: any other day i act like a bastard to you, you ignore me or try to argue with me

bemywonder: yeah but if you're going to try to finger me one day, then you shouldnt act like a jerk the next.

AceNWinnr182: i did it last time

bemywonder: did what

AceNWinnr182: acted like a jerk to you

AceNWinnr182: after i tried to finger you

bemywonder: you never fingered me

bemywonder: oh. didnt see the word "tried"

bemywonder: yeah... well. why do you even try?

AceNWinnr182: and dont tell me you wouldnt have let me in computer class

bemywonder: umm... I didn't

AceNWinnr182: ok here's my thinking

AceNWinnr182: 1) im a horney male teenager

AceNWinnr182: and 2) you're easy

bemywonder: if I were easy, you would've fingered me by now

bemywonder: or maybe it's cuz you're just ugly

AceNWinnr182: hey i could have said play

AceNWinnr182: and there's no point in arguing with you because you're bipolar and lack a short term memory

bemywonder: I'm not bipolar, nor do I lack a short term memory

AceNWinnr182: denial is the first stage.

bemywonder: what am I trying to deny?

AceNWinnr182: see! you lack a short term memory

AceNWinnr182: or maybe youre thinking with the egg

bemywonder: what the hell are you talking about

AceNWinnr182: there's the short term again

bemywonder: no. you're just confusing. and you dont know what you're talking about, so you make up things, because you realize that you don't have a real argument

AceNWinnr182: i think it's cuz im not from the scene.

bemywonder: hahaha

bemywonder: good one

AceNWinnr182: there's the bipolar

bemywonder: no.

AceNWinnr182: up!

AceNWinnr182: denial

bemywonder signed off at 4:54:05 PM
i guess i should add this as a footnote. lena said no one would like The Sunsets' music b/c we're not from the scene. and she clearly does not remember the recent past (*cough* computer class, and the lightbooth at the forum (dont' EVEN try to deny THAT, lena.))
oh, and i am not posting this like a pussy, lena has access to this unlike i have of her lj, because im not a retard that makes fun of ppl to their back (at least not when im trying to look tough)
btw ted and lyss, here is that update you wanted!

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March 25th, 2004

05:18 pm - Siddhartha is a bad thing
The sarcastic one looked inside himself, and then to his journal of liveness, and was saddened. Why was he saddened by this sight which he had beheld? Because the sight read March 15. But the sarcastic one did not know why this date saddened him, but then realized it was because the current date was March 25. The one of sarcastic qualities realized if one wished to receive comments, one must make current the journal. If the journal were to be current, there would to be comments on the currentness which others could not comment on because the journal was not as of current as the comments were to be. The one rich with sarcasticness then realized much had happened this past non current week. Such as exams of history, which the sarcastic one sadly received an eight six on. To quote a well revered source, "Oh pooh." The sarcastic one has confused himself by typing in this manner, and must rest his brain.

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March 13th, 2004

07:30 pm
recording songs is a lot like having sex.

after we finished recording, tim started playing pool, i messed around on the computer, and max started wandering around. the song was pretty sweet minus the errors. tim wrote it, it sounded a lot like red hot chili peppers. i think if we ever made a cd, it would have so many different genres we played on it it would be confusing. im very confused. on teh one hand i listen to green day who sold millions of cds by playing 3 chords, then on the other hand there's ozzy and dire straits, who are really complex and sold millions. i got lost inbetween, not super at the guitar but alright. on the one hand i want to be an uber rich entrepreneur, and on the other hand i want to be a party all the time rockstar. on the one hand i feel bad for ben and on the other i want to dicksmack him. but not really tho, you know?

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March 7th, 2004

06:29 pm
reflections on the week, anne is a stupid bitch.

me: ben, im switching advisors to nazar.
ben: why's that?
anne the stupid bitch: it begins with a c and ends with hocolate.

why the fuck would she say that when she switched 2 weeks earlier?
maybe it was the earmuffs...

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March 5th, 2004

08:35 pm
Name: Ryan
Sex: metro male
Age: 15
Birthday: 6/18/88
Screen Name: AceNWinnr182
Meaning: I play tennis
Siblings: one junky whore sister
Status: single and sexy
Pets: max. a bastard of a dog
Height: 6'
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Writing Hand: right

1. First best friend: Dale Beshore
2. First car: mercedes benz 420 sel
3. First real kiss: none real
4. First break-up: this girl at camp b/c i didnt want to go out with her, so i ignored her. she finally pinned me down tho...
5. First self purchased album: Everything greenday
6. First funeral: grandma
7. First pet: max 1
8. First piercing/tattoo: nothing
9. First credit card: none
10. First true love: no one, i fall in love every day

1. Last cigarette: none
2. Last song: some ozzy song.
3. Last movie seen at the cinema: 50 first dates.
4. Last beverage drank: diet coke
5. Last food consumed: umm like a mini sticky bun
6. Last crush: haha, im not going to tell, but she's a monster bitch to me now
7. Last phone call: some bastard asking for oraline mcwaters.
8. Last time showered: this morning
9. Last cd played: ozzy
10. Last item bought: counter strike. its a piece of shit

Nervous Habits: i get all asthmatic
Can you raise one eyebrow at a time? yes
Can you blow smoke rings? maybe...
Can you blow spit bubbles? haha yeah!
Can you flare your nostrils? uh huh. damn im talented
Can you cross your eyes? uh huh
Tattoos? if i want one, i will
Piercing? thinking about the nipples
Do you make your bed daily? not if my mom's not home

What goes on first? cod piece.
Which shoe goes on first? whichever one my dog doesnt run away with
What jewelry do you wear? usually a watch
What's sexiest on a guy? fishnet shirt (dave navarro)
What's sexiest on a girl? i like everything
Favorite Piece of Clothing: the leather pants and fishnet shirt
Pajamas? birthday suit

Have you ever eaten Spam? no
Favorite Ice Cream? chocolate peanut butter cup
How many cereals in your cabinet? just like 2 boxes of honey bunches of oats. what a gay name.
What utensils do you use to eat pizza? my hands

How often do you brush your teeth? at least once a day
How often do you shower/bathe? one a day during school
How long does your shower last? 15 mins?
Hair drying method? towel
Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? yeah, got blonde once
If that fountain of youth existed, would you drink it? yes
Do you swear? haha you know me
Do you ever spit? yes

Animal: dogs
Food: steak
Month: june
Day: Saturday
Cartoon: bevis and butthead, so funny.
Flower: roses
Shoe Brand: reebok
Subject in school: math.
Color: blue or yellow
TV show: anything on mtv and vh1
Movie: night at the roxbury
Holiday: my birthday
Book: the da vinci code
Vacationing Spot: beach, somewhere exotic.
TV Station: Mtv

The CD Player: Dire Straits, Guns 'n Roses, and Ozzy
Person you talk to the most: armen?
Ever taken a cab: yeah, i think. who hasnt?
Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors? yeah.
What color is your bedroom? all blue
Do you use an alarm clock? yeha
Name one thing you are obsessed with? LA.
Have you ever skinny-dipped with the opposite sex? yeah
Ever sunbathed nude? yeah
Window seat or aisle? aisle, im such a thirsty person

What's your sleeping position? laying on my right.
What kind of bed do you like? kind of firm with a huge puffy comforter
Do you snore? no, but i talk in spanish
Do you sleepwalk? i fall out of bed
Do you talk in your sleep? Oy! me duele mi pene!
Do you sleep with a stuffed animals? my dog.

Coke or Pepsi? diet coke
Apples or Oranges? oranges
One pillow or two? one
Deaf or blind? deaf
Pools or hot tubs? hot tubs
Blondes or brunettes? both. at the same time
TV or radio? TV
Tic-Tacs or Certs? tic tacs
Snooze button or jump out of bed? jump out of bed, except for wednesdays. im totally out cold wednesdays
Sunrise or Sunset? sunsets. thats the name of my band dammit! they're so romantic. im actually pretty romantic when you dig through the layers of sarcasm.
Hamburger or Cheeseburger? cheeseburger
Morning or night? morning
Indoors or outdoors? outdoors on the courts.
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? day.
Cake or ice cream? ice cream
Bert or Ernie? both
Spicy or Mild? spicy
Spearmint or Peppermint? spearment.
Call or Write? call
Peanut Butter or Jelly? pb
Dog or Cat? dogs
Bath or shower? shower
Book or Movie? movie
Green or Red apples? red
Rain or Snow? rain

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March 3rd, 2004

09:12 pm - the klepto strikes again
1. Full Name: Ryan Hunter Lysaght
2. Birthday: 18 June 1988
3. Age: 15
4. Grade: 10th
5. School: The Harrisburg Academy
6. Town: Harrisburg
7. Hair Color: Brown
8. Eye Color: brown
9. Ears: dashingly sexy ears.
10. Glasses or Contacts: nope
11. Status: single
12. Hobbies: Tennis, guitar, thinking im gonna be a rockstar.

13. Makeup or None: i'll probably wear a little makeup when im a rockstar.
14. Nail Polish or None: probably not
15. Casual or Dressy: there's a time for each.
16. Cats or Dogs: dogs
17. Blue or Pink: Pink
18. Messy or Neat: Messy
19. Hugs or Handshakes: Hugs.
20. Rock or Rap: Rock as in ozzy and dave
21. Pepsi or Coke: Coke
22. Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
23. TV or Books: tv
24. Comedy or Action: comedy

Friends. Who's the...
25. Nicest: idk. no one's really nice to me anymore. i guess ryan mellinger.
26. Quietest: natalie
27. Smartest: max
28. Smart Ass: ian and i. ian's a bigger jerk tho...
29. Preppiest: umm, alan?
30. Dumbest: patrick
31. Most Perverted: me?
32. Weirdest: me?


33. Singer: ozzy
34. Band: jane's addiction
35a. CD (clash): none.
35b. CD (non-clash): jane's addiction-strays, and the essential ozzy
36. Subject: geo, history (just b/c of jones)
37. Color: yellow
38. TV Show: mtv shows
39. Movie: Night at the Roxbury
40. Time of Day: Afternoon

Have You Ever

41. Told Someone You Liked Them: yes
42. Told Someone's Secret: yes
43. Egged Someone's House: yes
44. Had Braces: yes
45. Read A Book With More Than 500 Pages: hmmm idk

More About You

46. Worst Grade You Ever Got: F? then my dad threw me in the pool.
47. Nastiest Fight You Ever Had: my words.
48. Worst Punishent You Ever Had: thrown into the nasty ass pool?
49. Thing You Hate The Most: people/things i hate, not being able to do what i want
50. Your best friend: myself

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March 2nd, 2004

06:11 pm
woah. i found a paula abdul remix of straight up on some cd at our house. someone bring in a cd player with speakers tomarrow and we'll play it in the cove!

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March 1st, 2004

08:42 pm - Gimme corrections!
What Could I say? What could I do?
Nothing, Cos I’ve already lost you.
What was wrong? What wasn’t right?
I held you next to me all night.
I listened and, forgave you then.
I head you out just like a friend.
I didn’t judge, or walk away.
I always gave you time of day.

But now you’re gone, and so I’m free.
I’ll find someone else who completes me.
You wasted my time, you insulted me while
You used me here and watched me smile
You pushed and pulled, and bled me dry.
This went too long for us to try.
My mind is blank, I’m so appalled.
Why the hell haven’t you called…

This is my blessing this is my curse.
This is my punishment to nurse.
I feel so free, I feel so gone.
Tell me baby it’s been so long.

Im gonna make a song with my band for this and send it to that vh1 competitions, and i will not be at school next year. we're gonna be living in mansions in beverly hills.

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12:05 pm
wow. advanced computer really sucks. bell took over. he's totally serious, and he thinks we care. Right now he's telling us why he named all the servers off of stars. wow. really interesting. now he's telling us how he used to name them off of Disney characters! wow! I wish i could send my emial using the Daffy server. also, tom is trying to sound very intelligent about computers when we all know if he had the chance, he would rather smash a VAIO with a baseball bat than keep it. He is also trying to show bell the pictures of his "girlfriends". ARGH! LIFE SUCKS!
gtg, have to pay attention to file storage.

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